Our practice encompasses all aspects of real estate transactions. Whether you are a buyer, seller or banking institution, Anthony Michael Camisa P.C. is the firm to represent your interests in the professional and efficient manner that has taken the real estate field by storm.

It is the goal of Anthony Michael Camisa P.C. to make your dream of home ownership a smooth and seamless process. It is the practice of the firm to provide every single client with all of the facts regarding their transaction so that there are no surprises at the closing table. It is all too common that prospective buyers or sellers are made aware of state transfer taxes or mortgage taxes at the very last minute. This is not fair to clients and Anthony Michael Camisa P.C. makes sure every client is aware of what closing costs they might incur at the beginning of the transaction so that they may plan accordingly. There is no greater feeling than to hear clients say, “my costs were exactly what you told me they would be.” While we cannot guarantee every cost a client might incur at a closing, they are entitled to a reasonable expectation of what their closing costs will be.

Another major goal of the firm is to make sure every client feels they are getting the attention they deserve. Simple tasks such as answering questions, checking on the status of a transaction or having their phone calls returned are never taken for granted. We know how important real estate transactions are to our clients and customer satisfaction is a major priority of the firm.

When the time comes and you want the professional and reliable service that is revolutionizing the real estate field, then there is only one phone call to make. Anthony Michael Camisa P.C. is the firm to assist you in all of your real estate needs